The Laziness Myth cover

The Laziness Myth

When people cannot find good work, can they still find good lives? By investigating this question in the context of South Africa, where only 43 percent of adults are employed, Christine Jeske invites readers to examine their own assumptions about how work and the good life do or do not coincide. The Laziness Myth challenges the widespread premise that hard work determines success by tracing the “laziness myth,” a persistent narrative that disguises the systems and structures that produce inequalities while blaming unemployment and other social ills on the so-called laziness of particular class, racial, and ethnic groups.

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This Ordinary Adventure cover

This Ordinary Adventure

They started out living the dream. They promised themselves and each other that every day would be an amazing day. They even stuck that phrase―”Amazing Days”―on their refrigerator, like Martin Luther pounding his conviction into a door and launching the next great era of the church. “Ready or not,” they told the world, “here we come.” They traveled the planet. Then they went back home―to the land of shopping malls and manicured lawns. And they wondered what had become of their amazing days. In This Ordinary Adventure Adam and Christine Jeske mine their experience, from riding motorcycles in Africa to dicing celery in Wisconsin, in search of a God who is always present and charging every moment with potential.

Into the Mud

If we follow media accounts, the continent of Africa may seem to be little more than AIDS patients, malnourished babies, child soldiers, or a failing attempt to imitate the West. Though Christians today are increasingly concerned about injustice and human suffering, their effectiveness is limited by only knowing “bad news” and trite, feel-good solutions. Into the Mud takes readers beyond the headlines, into real stories of real people. Each of the interwoven stories and related discussion questions addresses a broader issue, including education, microfinance, health services, urbanization, refugee assistance, and more. Readers will be challenged to enter more deeply into the thick of life’s mud.