Work and vocation

We often assume that everyone just chooses a career path that fulfils their deepest dreams. But what about when work doesn’t turn out that way?


As a white person learning to be an anti-racist coconspirator, here are some recent thoughts on race.


As the world faces one of the biggest social crises in a century, we’re recognizing some realities in the United States that we might have preferred to ignore.

South Africa

The world has a lot to learn from South Africans, like the importance of respect and what it takes to find a good life. 

The Academic and Professional Life

Here’s what I’m learning about how to thrive as a professor, mom, commuter, and writer.

Seeking the Good Life

How do people seek the good life? I love compiling the ways people answer this question, from self-employed South African seamstresses to Wisconsin farmers trying to make food production better for earth and humanity. Living in four countries has challenged the ways I treat my own possessions, money, and time.